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Quickly fetch data for any NFT#

NFT Hooks consists of a data fetch class and associated hooks to load NFT data. The API both batches and caches requests, meaning you can use the hooks across a page without needing to worry about significant performance penalties.

Primary Hooks#

useNFTFetches all data for a ERC-721 NFT in a React App
ZDKFetchStrategyFetches all data for an NFT for server-side or non-React uses

Most NFT data can be grabbed from the useNFT hook. However, useNFTMetadata and useNFTContent can also be used for grabbing specific data.


View the source code for NFT Hooks: GH Repository

yarn add @zoralabs/nft-hooks


import { useNFT, useNFTMetadata } from '@zoralabs/nft-hooks'
function MyNFT() {  const { data } = useNFT('0xabEFBc9fD2F806065b4f3C237d4b59D9A97Bcac7', '20')
  return (    <div>      <h3>{}</h3>      <p>{data.metadata.description}</p>      <p>Owned by: {data.nft.owner.address}</p>    </div>  )}

Networks (Optional)#

NFT Hooks defaults to Ethereum Mainnet. However, to set the configuration to a specific network, wrap the hooks used with the NFTFetchConfiguration component.

Supported Networks

import { Networks, NFTFetchConfiguration } from '@zoralabs/nft-hooks';
function NFTGallery() {  return (    <NFTFetchConfiguration networkId={Networks.MAINNET}>      <NFTList>    </NFTFetchConfiguration>  );}