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Fetches all data for an ERC-721 NFT#

Fetches data for a given ERC-721 NFT and takes in a contractAddress and tokenId.


The same data can be fetched using the base ZDKFetchStrategy for server-side or non-React.


/** * @param contractAddress address of the contract, if null and tokenID is passed in, a NFT is assumed * @param tokenId id of NFT to fetch blockchain information for * @returns useNFTType hook results include NFT data, error, marketError and currencyLoaded. */
function useNFT(  contractAddress?: string,  tokenId?: string,)

Response Shape#

type useNFTType = {  currencyLoaded: boolean;  error?: any;  marketError?: any;  data?: NFTObject;};

Detailed Response#

The data.nft object contains the majority of the NFT data.

import { useNFT } from '@zoralabs/nft-hooks'
// Getting data for the NFT at contract address 0x8d04...ff63 with id 2const { data, error } = useNFT('0x8d04a8c79ceb0889bdd12acdf3fa9d207ed3ff63', '2')
// The shape for the *data* responsetype NFTObject = {  // data.nft  nft?: {    tokenId: string;    tokenUrlMimeType?: string;    contract: {      address: ETHAddress;      name?: string;      description?: string;      symbol?: string;      imageUri?: string;      knownContract?: KNOWN_CONTRACTS;    };    minted: {      address?: ETHAddress;      at?: TimedAction;    };    owner?: {      address: ETHAddress;    };    metadataURI?: string;    // Zora-specific extension but exposed for parsed JSON in contracts    contentURI?: string;  };  media?: {    mimeType?: string;    source: MEDIA_SOURCES;    image?: MediaObject;    large?: MediaObject;    poster?: MediaObject;    thumbnail?: MediaObject;    // backwards compatibility    content?: MediaObject;  };  content?: {    mimeType?: string;    source: MEDIA_SOURCES;    original?: MediaObject;    large?: MediaObject;    poster?: MediaObject;    thumbnail?: MediaObject;  };  metadata?: {    name?: string;    description?: string;    contentUri?: string;    imageUri?: string;    attributes?: readonly MetadataAttributeType[];    // Raw uri or metadata retrieved from the server without normalization    raw?: any;    // This is context parsing    context?: any;  };  rawData: {    [loaderName: string]: any;  };  nftError?: {    error: any;    description: string;    component: string;  };  markets?: readonly MarketModule[];  events?: readonly NormalizedEvent[];};
type MetadataAttributeType = {  name?: string;  value?: string;  display?: string;};
type MarketModule = AuctionLike | FixedPriceLike | EditionLike;
type NormalizedEvent = TransferEvent | MarketFixedPriceEvent | MarketAuctionEvent;


Fetching data using the base ZDKFetchStrategy for server-side or non-React and has the same response shape as useNFT.

import { Strategies, Networks } from '@zoralabs/nft-hooks'
// Be careful making multiple instances of the fetch agent// Each instance contains a different request cache.const fetchAgent = new Strategies.ZDKFetchStrategy(Networks.MAINNET)
// Get result from the serverconst result = await fetchAgent.fetchNFT(  '0x8d04a8c79ceb0889bdd12acdf3fa9d207ed3ff63',  '2')