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Fetches content for rendering from content URL in the NFT metadata#

This hook makes a request to fetch content based on an NFT's contentURI.

Most metadata servers allow remote JSON fetches, including all ZORA NFTs. There is a chance this request could fail. Requests are set with a 10 second timeout to allow showing the user an error message instead of an indefinite loader.

Hook Result Type#
// This is a union type meaning one or another in typescript.// Use the (media.type) to determine which type was returned from the hook.type MediaContentType =  | {      uri: string // URI of content to render, used for media      type: 'uri' // Shows that no content was downloaded, should only render      mimeType: string // mime type string from metadata for rendering    }  | {      text: string // Text of result      type: 'text' // Shows that text content to render was downloaded      mimeType: string // mime type string from metadata for rendering    }
type useNFTContentType = {  loading: boolean // If loading from the server  error?: string // Error returned from network request error or timeout  content?: MediaContentType // MediaConetentType shown above;}

To use the hook, simply pass in the contentURI from the NFT on-chain data and mimeType (image, video, audio etc). You can learn more about MIME types here.

If you do not have access to mimeType from the metadata or do not wish to retrieve the metadata, the mimeType can be omitted with a small performance impact.

Content returned from this hook is NOT CACHED, meaning that each time the hook is used the content will be fetched.

import { useNFTContent } from '@zoralabs/nft-hooks'
const MyMediaData = ({ uri: string, mimeType: string }) => {  const { error, loading, metadata } = useNFTContent(uri, mimeType)
  if (error) {    return <div>Error fetching content</div>  }
  if (loading) {    return <div>loading...</div>  }
  if (content.type === 'text') {    return <div>{content.text}</div>  }  if (content.mimeType.startsWith('audio')) {    return <audio src={content.uri} />  }  if (content.mimeType.startsWith('video')) {    return <video src={content.uri} />  }  if (content.mimeType.startsWith('image')) {    return <img src={content.uri} />  }  return <div>unknown: {content.mimeType}</div>}

Alternatively, the same information can be fetched using the base MediaFetchAgent for server-side or non-React use:

import { MediaFetchAgent } from '@zoralabs/nft-hooks'
// Get result from the serverconst result = await MediaFetchAgent.fetchContent(  '',  'application/json')// result type is MediaContentType