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Private Asks

Sell an NFT in ETH to a specific buyer#

The Private Asks Module allows anyone to sell an ERC-721 NFT to a specific buyer address. Meaning only the buyer address that is specified when the ask is created is allowed to fill it. View all the module's contract code here GitHub Repo.

Contract Addresses#

Mainnet Deployments#

Ethereum - 10xfbf87e6c2c242d0166E2Ddb60Db5A94cD4dAe00e

Testnet Deployments#

Ropsten - 30x251A5B6D0563f602e469176240E4Db8CA765C4d1

Ask Structure#

An ask can be created by an owner or approved operator for any ERC-721 token. There can only be one ask open at a time for a given NFT. asks can only be made in ETH for this module.

If an NFT is transferred to a new address the ask created by the previous address becomes invalid. However, if the NFT were to be transferred back to the address that created the ask it would be valid again.

  • seller: Owner of the NFT
  • price: Asking price for the sale in wei
  • buyer: Address that is able to fill the ask
struct Ask {    address seller;    uint96 price;    address buyer;}



A public mapping that returns an ask given an NFT token contract address and tokenId. Note that there can only ever be one ask open for an NFT at a time.

mapping(address => mapping(uint256 => Ask)) public askForNFT



Puts an NFT up for sale to a specific buyer.

  • Can be created by either the owner or approved operator of an NFT.
  • createAsk will overwrite if there was a previous open ask.
function createAsk(    address _tokenContract,    uint256 _tokenId,    uint256 _price,    address _buyer)


Updates the information for a specific ask.

function setAskPrice(    address _tokenContract,    uint256 _tokenId,    uint256 _price) 


Cancels an ask for an NFT by either the owner or an approved operator.

function cancelAsk(address _tokenContract, uint256 _tokenId)


Transfers the NFT to the buyer and sends the funds to the recipients.

function fillAsk(address _tokenContract, uint256 _tokenId)