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Sell an NFT at a fixed price#

The Asks Modules allow for the sale of an ERC-721 at a fixed price. You can view the code for all Asks Modules in this GitHub Repo.

Asks Addresses#

Mainnet Deployments#

Ethereum - 1#
CoreERC20Soon ™️

Testnet Deployments#

Goerli - 5#
CoreETHSoon ™️
CoreERC20Soon ™️

Asks Module Variants#

There are several variants for the Asks Module. Each variant comes with different features and associated gas costs.

ContractSupports ETHSupports ERC-20
CoreERC20 - Soon ™️

Key Considerations 🔑#

  • An ask can be created by an owner or approved operator for any ERC-721 token.
  • There can only be one ask open at a time for a given NFT.
  • Creating an ask for an ERC-721 token requires that the owner has previously approved the ERC-721 Transfer Helper for it to be valid.
  • Royalties are paid out using the Manifold Royalty Registry when an ask is filled.