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Asks V1.0

Sell an NFT at a specific asking price#


Vulnerability Warning: We strongly recommend using the latest version of the Asks Module.

There was a discovered vulnerability in Asks V1.0 where an attacker can front-run and update the asking price of an ERC-20 ask right before it is about to be filled.

You can learn more about the vulnerability here.

You can view all of the Ask V1.0 Module contract code in this GitHub Repo.

Asks V1.0 Addresses#

Mainnet Deployments#

Ethereum - 10xCe6cEf2A9028e1C3B21647ae3B4251038109f42a

Testnet Deployments#

Ropsten - 30x3e80102228295fFD120990d54e954C473EDE7280
Rinkeby - 40x850356153abBdFA1B473e2D86F2DF11a85B408B8