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ZORA Contracts

An introduction to the smart contracts that comprise the Zora Protocol#

ZORA NFT Contracts#

ZORA NFTs extends the base ERC-721 NFT standard and allows anyone to easliy mint their own NFTs. NFTs minted from this contract are known as zNFTs (aka cryptomedia) and have a few addtional characterists.

ZORA NFTs vs Regular NFTs#
  • zNFTs separate the content from the metadata by having both a metadataURI and a contentURI
  • zNFTs store a hash of both the metadata and the content
  • The contentURI and metadataURI linking to external storage can be updated, but a zNFT's metadata and content hashes can not
ZORA NFTs are composed of two contracts#
  • The Media contract which mints and stores token data
  • The Market contract which allows for built-in market functionality for zNFTs.

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The source code for both contracts can be found in this Github repository.

Media and Market Addresses#

MediaEth Mainnet0xabEFBc9fD2F806065b4f3C237d4b59D9A97Bcac7
MarketEth Mainnet0xE5BFAB544ecA83849c53464F85B7164375Bdaac1
MediaPolygon Mumbai0xabEFBc9fD2F806065b4f3C237d4b59D9A97Bcac7
MarketPolygon Mumbai0xE5BFAB544ecA83849c53464F85B7164375Bdaac1
yarn add @zoralabs/core

Auction House#

The ZORA Auction House contract is an open and permissionless system that allows any creator, community, platform or DAO to create and run their own curated auction houses for any ERC-721 NFT.

These auction houses run reserve timed auctions, with special emphasis given to the role of curators. If an owner of an NFT chooses to list with a curator, that curator can charge a curator fee and has to approve any auction before it commences with that curators auction house. Anyone is able to run an NFT auction on the protocol with no fee by simply not specifying a curator.

The duration of auction can be set to any length, but if a bid is placed within the last 15 minutes, the countdown will reset back to 15 minutes. This 15 minute reset window can continue as many times as necessary until the timer has ended. In addition, every bid must be 5% higher than the current bid amount.

The source code is available in this Github repository.

Auction House Addresses#

Eth Mainnet0xE468cE99444174Bd3bBBEd09209577d25D1ad673
Polygon Mumbai0x6953190AAfD8f8995e8f47e8F014d0dB83E92300
yarn add @zoralabs/auction-house