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Query Formatting

The Different Entities and Parameters in the API#


Check out our GraphiQL to play around with the API

Core Entities#

  • token: Gets data on a single token
  • tokens: Gets data for multiple tokens
  • collections: NFT collection information
  • events: Contract event information, e.g. Transfers, Mints, Approvals, etc. Queries may timeout if not scoped to a specific contract.
  • sales: Historical sales data from ZORA, OpenSea, LooksRare, Foundation, and more.
  • mints: Historical minting data

Aggregated Entities#

  • aggregateStat: Returns owner count, total supply, sales volume, and other statistics
  • aggregateAttributes: Gets the total set of NFT attributes

Query Parameters#

  • where: Parameters that grab a specific set of NFT data, e.g. collectionAddress
  • filter: Filters down the results from the where parameters into a smaller data set
  • networks: The network and chain to grab NFT data from
  • pagination: A way to set the limit and starting point of the response
  • sort: Sorts the order of the returned data

Sales Price Responses#

  • nativePrice: The sales price in the currency that was used in the sale transaction
  • usdcPrice: The sales price in USD at the time of the sale
  • chainTokenPrice: The sales price in the chain's gas token at the time of the sale
    • Ethereum = ETH
    • Polygon = Matic

Pagination Parameters#

  • limit: Limits the size of the response
  • after: A cursor string from the previous page
    • after can be obtained from the endCursor in the pageInfo response