Media Rendering

Beyond the ZDK and Subgraph, Zora provides tools for 3rd party developers to render zNFTs on their own marketplaces. These tools assume a React frontend and are written in typescript in the form of react hooks and components that can be dropped into an existing project to load and render zNFT data on your website.

NFT Hooks

This library consists of a data fetch class and associated React hooks to load NFT data is an easy, efficient manner. The API both batches and caches requests, meaning you can use the hooks across a page without needing to worry about significant performance penalties.

This library consists of a series of react components to render ZNFTs and NFTs associated with Zora's auction house contracts to easily build your own auction house. Default styling and fetching URLs are included with the library along with caching mechanisms and ability to easily customize strings, rendering components, and styling.