Hook to fetch NFT Metadata information

This hook makes a request to fetch metadata from IPFS retrieved from the zNFT metadataURI.

Most IPFS servers allow remote JSON fetches, including all Zora NFTs. There is a chance this request could fail when the server does not allow cross-origin requests. Requests are set with a 10 second timeout to allow showing the user an error message instead of an indefinite loader. Metadata information can be found in the zora metadata schema repo. Metadata validation can be ignored optionally by passing in a second argument {allowInvalid: true}to the hook. By default, an error will be thrown for invalid metadata and the metadata result will be undefined.

Hook result type:

type useNFTMetadataType = {
error?: string; // Error: can be thrown from invalid json, unparsable json, network request failure, network request timeout
loading?: boolean; // Easy indicator to determine if the NFT metadata is loading. Same as (!metadata && !error).
metadata?: any; // Raw, validated zora metadata. A error will be thrown if the metadata does not validate.

To use the hook, simply pass in the URL to fetch:

import { useNFTMetadata } from "@zoralabs/nft-hooks";
const MediaDataDisplay = ({ uri: string }) => {
const { error, metadata } = useNFTMetadata(uri);
if (metadata) {
if (metadata.version === "catalog-20210202") {
return (
Song: {metadata.body.title} Artist: {metadata.body.artist}
{metadata.body.notes && <p>{metadata.body.notes}</p>}
// If not a catalog NFT, can render the metadata title and description fields
// from the first zNFT metadata standard.
return (
if (error) {
return <div>Error loading metadata</div>;
return <div>metadata loading...</div>;

Alternatively, the same information can be fetched using the base MediaFetchAgentfor server-side or non-react use:

import {MediaFetchAgent, Networks} from "@zoralabs/nft-hooks";
// Be careful making multiple instances of the fetch agent
// Each instance contains a different request cache.
const fetchAgent = new MediaFetchAgent(Networks.MAINNET);
// Get result from the server
const result = await fetchAgent.loadMetadata("");
// result type is {metadata, valid}