Identity and reputation are a core part of the Zora ecosystem. As such, we provide a public method to map Ethereum addresses to Zora user profiles.

We provide a method, getZoraProfiles, that queries for the Zora profile information of a batch of ETH addresses (up to 100).

import { getZoraProfiles } from '@zoralabs/zdk'
;(async () => {
const addresses = [
const result = await getZoraProfiles(addresses)
address: '0xBE7eb2a7A9C949322F6CCAA1c857FC227fB14CEd',
bio: null,
name: 'james',
profileImageAsset: 'bafybeid2anzzz5gf2e7yxzdcblxbka7i6e6f7lctkc3em3j56pyfv57uti',
username: 'jcg',
website: null,
verified: null
address: '0xc4F3f37F7020FE4d354e18618BEA5c52e3775ee2',
bio: '',
name: 'Vince Mckelvie ',
profileImageAsset: 'bafybeieuxjthtj2boaf6azkepp26cc4v6apc5fd5aqceaug4rrnkj7hz6q',
username: 'vincemckelvie',
website: '',
verified: null