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ZORA: The NFT Marketplace Protocol#

ZORA is a decentralized protocol where anyone can permissionlessly buy and sell NFTs. We've created a series of tools that makes it easy to get started building. Learn more about the latest version of ZORA here.

ZORA Stack#

  • Smart Contracts: ZORA's deployed smart contracts

  • API: Retrieve NFT metadata and market data on any ERC-721

  • ZDK: A development kit for interacting with ZORA's API

  • NFT Hooks: The simplest way to interact with ZORA's API

  • NFT Rendering: Tools for easily displaying NFT data

All of our repositories are open source with either the MIT License or the GPL-3.0 License. ZORA is a tool in the public domain, as such anyone can view and contribute to every aspect of the protocol.

Join our Discord to ask questions and learn more about the community.