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Creator contracts make it easy to deploy and sell an NFT collection#

These contracts allow anyone to deploy an NFT collection in seconds. The ZoraNFTCreator factory contract uses ERC721A. ERC721A is a gas-optimized NFT contract that excels when trying to mint many NFTs in a single transaction.

In addition, these contracts provide built-in sales mechanics, making it easy to both deploy a collection and sell the initial mints.


Creator contract addresses are constantly changing due to new deployments. As a result, view here for the most up-to-date addresses.

Create Proxy Deployments#

The create proxy is the main contract that is used to interact with the latest deployments of the create contracts.

Ethereum - 10xf74b146ce44cc162b601dec3be331784db111dc1
Rinkeby - 40x2d2acd205bd6d9d0b3e79990e093768375ad3a30

Main Create Contracts#

The most important contracts are:

Edition vs Drop#

These contracts can make two different types of NFT collections:

  • Edition: All the NFTs share the same media asset.
  • Drop: All the NFTs have individual pieces of media.