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Protocol Rewards


At Zora, we are passionate about providing the best experience to create and earn onchain. Protocol Rewards is a split of the Zora mint fee allowing:

  • Creators to monetize their work
  • Developers to earn from NFT mints and creations they facilitate

Rewards escrow contract code


Rewards v1.1 is deployed at the same address on all networks.


Fee Split (Per Mint)

Free Mint

Creator0.000333 ETH
Create Referral0.000111 ETH
Mint Referral0.000111 ETH
First Minter0.000111 ETH
Zora0.000111 ETH

Paid Mint

Creator100% of token price
Create Referral0.000222 ETH
Mint Referral0.000222 ETH
First Minter0.000111 ETH
Zora0.000222 ETH

ERC20 Mint

Creator95% of earnings from sales
Mint Fee5% of listed purchase price
Create Referral28.57% of Mint Fee
Mint Referral28.57% of Mint Fee
First Minter14.23% of Mint Fee
Zora28.63% of Mint Fee

Mint Referral: The platform that referred a specific mint of an NFT

Create Referral: The platform that referred the creator to deploy the NFT collection. The creator is determined by the royaltyRecipient of the token followed by the funds recipient of the contract.

First Minter: Only for premints, this is the first collector to execute the premint. In a non-premint context, this reward is paid out to the creator of the NFT. Note: For ERC20 Mints, the creator is set as the First Minter and earns First Minter rewards by default.

How It Works: Creator

  1. Creator selects the "Free + Rewards" pricing option when creating their 721 or 1155 NFT
  2. Creator specifies a wallet address eligible to claim their rewards
  3. Creator opens up their edition for minting -- that's it!

The creator's total ETH generated from rewards is aggregated into an escrow contract and can be withdrawn at any time.

How It Works: Developer

Create Referral Reward

The create referral reward is paid out to the developer or platform that referred the creator to deploy their NFT collection using Zora's contracts.

Creating an ERC-1155 Token with Rewards

The createReferral address is specified upon token creation.

function setupNewTokenWithCreateReferral(
    string calldata newURI,
    uint256 maxSupply,
    address createReferral
) public

Mint Referral Reward

The mint referral reward is paid out to the party that referred the collector to mint an NFT.

ERC-1155 Minting with Rewards

function mintWithRewards(
    IMinter1155 minter,
    uint256 tokenId,
    uint256 quantity,
    bytes calldata minterArguments,
    address mintReferral

Withdrawing Rewards

Rewards must be withdrawn from the escrow contract, which the address can be found in the readme.

function withdraw(address to, uint256 amount) external;

Withdraw for another address directly.

function withdrawFor(address to, uint256 amount) external;
function withdrawWithSig(
    address from, 
    address to
    uint256 amount, 
    uint256 deadline, 
    uint8 v, 
    bytes32 s