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The Most Powerful NFT API#

The ZORA API makes it easy to retrieve NFT metadata, monitor on-chain events, analyze sales activity, and so much more.


You can test out the API without needing a key. It’s free to use right now

API Endpoint:

SDK: A development kit to use the API without needing to know GraphQL

NFT Hooks: A tool that makes NFT data retrieval even easier than the ZDK

Key Features#

  • Sales info from every marketplace (ZORA, OpenSea, LooksRare etc.)
  • Data on every Ethereum NFT contract (Transfers, Mints, etc.)
  • Media is encoded to provide assets at different sizes
  • Automatically syncs newly deployed NFT contracts
  • Fill orders made on OpenSea (Seaport)
  • Text-based search for discoverability
  • And much more

Supported Networks#

The API is expanding to more networks and currently supports:

ETH Mainnet1Entire History
Rinkeby4Tip of Chain
Goerli5Tip of Chain

Getting Started#

If you are unfamiliar with GraphQL, we recommend that you check out this resource. In addition, here are a few considerations before using the API.

  • The ZDK and NFT Hooks allows anyone to build top on of the API without needing to know GraphQL.
  • Currently supports any ERC-721 NFTs
  • Maximum page size limit is 500 for regular queries and 50 for text-based searches
  • Check out the guides section to begin building


Anyone can use the API without an API key as long as the application is making less than 120 requests per minute.

NeedsAPI Key Requirements
Less than 120 requests per minuteNo Key Needed
Greater than 120 requests per minuteKey Needed

Direct message @ZORAEngineering on Twitter for an API key if your needs require greater than 120 requests per mintue. To access the API with a key, add a header in your requests with the key X-API-KEY .

headers={"X-API-KEY": <your_api_key>}

Example Collections#

Here are a few NFT contract addresses to test the API with:

  • Zorbs: 0xCa21d4228cDCc68D4e23807E5e370C07577Dd152
  • Monarchs: 0xc729Ce9bF1030fbb639849a96fA8BBD013680B64
  • Crypto Dickbutts: 0x42069ABFE407C60cf4ae4112bEDEaD391dBa1cdB

Navigating GraphiQL#

This section provides an overview of how to use GraphiQL to test the API.


The explorer allows anyone to quickly view the different queries. To access the explorer, click on the "Explorer" button at the top.


You will then see a pop-out on the left side of the screen. This section will show all the queries along with their parameters. GraphiQL will populate the queries into the sandbox if you click on them.


It is recommended that the response be formatted by clicking into the nodes section and selecting what should be returned.



The Docs section of GraphiQL can be accessed by clicking on "Docs" in the top left of the page.


Clicking on "Root Query" will display the types for both the arguments and the responses.