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Creating an 1155 that can be minted in ERC-20 tokens

1155s can be priced and minted using an ERC-20 token. To create an 1155 token that is priced in ERC-20, the token.salesConfig.currency must be set to the address of the ERC20 token. Additionally, the pricePerToken argument is set to the amount of ERC-20 tokens required to mint each token:

import { createCreatorClient } from "@zoralabs/protocol-sdk";
import { publicClient, walletClient, chainId, creatorAccount } from "./config";
import { contract } from "./data";
const creatorClient = createCreatorClient({ chainId, publicClient });
const erc20TokenAddress = "0xa6b280b42cb0b7c4a4f789ec6ccc3a7609a1bc39";
const { parameters } = await creatorClient.create1155({
  token: {
    tokenMetadataURI: "ipfs://DUMMY/token.json",
    salesConfig: {
      // by setting a `currency` field, the token will be mintable with the erc20 token at that address
      currency: erc20TokenAddress, 
      // the price per token in the erc20 token value
      pricePerToken: 1000000000000000000n, 
  // account to execute the transaction (the creator)
  account: creatorAccount,
  // how many tokens to mint to the creator upon token creation
// simulate the transaction
const { request } = await publicClient.simulateContract(parameters);
// execute the transaction
await walletClient.writeContract(request);