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Building Contract Metadata

Zora 1155 and 721 contracts have contract-wide json metadata containing descriptive info about the contract, including a name and image. This json metadata is pinned to IPFS.

The structure of Contract Metadata is defined in a type exported from the SDK, ContractMetadataJson:

type ContractMetadataJson = {
  name?: string;
  description?: string;
  image?: string;

The image field should point to an image file pinned to ipfs.

The Zora Protocol SDK exports a type ContractMetadataJson that defines this json structure.

Here's some example code for building contract metadata json:

import { ContractMetadataJson } from "@zoralabs/protocol-sdk";
import { pinFileWithPinata, pinJsonWithPinata } from "./pinata";
export async function makeContractMetadata({
}: {
  imageFile: File;
  name: string;
  description?: string;
}) {
  // upload image to Pinata
  const imageFileIpfsUrl = await pinFileWithPinata(imageFile);
  // build contract metadata json
  const metadataJson: ContractMetadataJson = {
    image: imageFileIpfsUrl,
  // upload token metadata json to Pinata and get ipfs uri
  const contractMetadataJsonUri = await pinJsonWithPinata(metadataJson);
  return contractMetadataJsonUri;