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Create an Auction House

Build a permissionless Auction House with the ZORA protocol#

ZORA has created a GitHub Repo that makes it easy for anyone to launch their own auction house. Compatible with any ERC-721 token contract, quickly list and sell NFTs using the ZORA Auction House smart contract.

Getting Started#

yarn create next-app project-name -e

The application accepts the below environment variables. You will need to specify the network ID along with either a Curator Address or a Contract Address. Once you have created your repo locally, make sure to install all dependencies by running yarn.

Next, modify the values below in the .env file:

NEXT_PUBLIC_APP_TITLE=[default app title]
NEXT_PUBLIC_DEFAULT_DESCRIPTION=[default meta description]
# NETWORK ID: Ethereum Mainnet(1)
NEXT_PUBLIC_CURATORS_ID=[The address of a curator or NFT creator]
NEXT_PUBLIC_TARGET_CONTRACT_ADDRESS=[the address of the NFT contract]

Run yarn dev to run the development server locally at localhost:3000

Going Live#

The easiest way to deploy your auction house is to use the Vercel Platform. Check out the Next.js deployment documentation for more details. Don't forget to update the necessary environment variables.

Make it Yours#

This repo builds off of ZORA's NFT Components, you can go about customizing the components by viewing the details here. Feel free to leave feedback in the repository’s issues.