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Tools for displaying NFTs#

ZORA provides multiple tools for making it easy to display NFTs.

Displaying Options#

NFT Components assumes a React frontend and NFT Hooks is written in TypeScript.

NFT Iframe#

Embed any NFT shown on into your own website. All iframes are mobile responsive and are compatible with text, images, videos, and audio.

You can generate an iframe by entering in the URL for the NFT that you would like to display at

<div style="max-width: 960px; margin: 0 auto; position: relative;">  <style>.nft-embed-wrapper > iframe {width: 100%!important; height:100%!important; border: 0; position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0;}</style>  <div class="nft-embed-wrapper" style="position: relative; width:100%; height:0; padding-bottom: 100%;">    <iframe       src="" width="100%"       height="100%"       scrolling="no"       allowtransparency="true"       allowfullscreen="true"       sandbox="allow-pointer-lock allow-same-origin allow-scripts allow-popups">    </iframe>  <div></div>

NFT Components#

This library is made up of React components that can be used to render ERC-721 NFTs. Default styling and fetching URLs are included with the library along with caching mechanisms and the ability to easily customize strings, render components, and add different styling.

Links direct to interfaces, but can be overridden by building out the functionality with the ZDK.

View Components Storybook Documentation ->

yarn add @zoralabs/nft-components
NFT Preview Component#


NFT Full Page Component#


NFT Hooks#

This library consists of a data fetch class and associated hooks to load NFT data. The API both batches and caches requests, meaning you can use the hooks across a page without needing to worry about significant performance penalties.

useNFTFetches all data for a ERC-721 NFT
useNFTMetadataFetches NFT metadata from a URL
useNFTContentFetches content for rendering from content URL in the metadata

yarn add @zoralabs/nft-hooks
import { useNFT, useNFTMetadata } from '@zoralabs/nft-hooks'
function MyNFT() {  const { data } = useNFT('0xabEFBc9fD2F806065b4f3C237d4b59D9A97Bcac7', '20')  const { metadata } = useNFTMetadata(data && data.metadataURI)
  return (    <div>      <h3>{metadata.title}</h3>      <p>{metadata.description}</p>      <p>Owned by: {}</p>    </div>  )}

Network Configuration#

To set the network configuration, wrap the hooks used with the NFTFetchConfiguration component.

import { Networks, NFTFetchConfiguration } from '@zoralabs/nft-hooks';
function NFTGallery() {  return (    <NFTFetchConfiguration networkId={Networks.MAINNET}>      <NFTList>    </NFTFetchConfiguration>  );}


  1. git clone
  2. cd nft-hooks
  3. npm i -g yarn if you don't have yarn installed
  4. yarn
  5. yarn run test test your code

Pull requests and tickets are accepted for issues and improvements to this repository.