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Protocol Rewards

Rewards escrow contract code


At Zora, we are passionate about providing the best experience to create and earn onchain. Protocol Rewards is a split of our the Zora mint fee allowing:

  • Creators to monetize their work
  • Developers to earn from NFT mints and creations they facilitate


Rewards v1.1 is deployed at the same address on all networks.


Fee Split (Per Mint)#

Free Mint#

Creator0.000333 ETH
Create Referral0.000111 ETH
Mint Referral0.000111 ETH
First Minter0.000111 ETH
Zora0.000111 ETH

Paid mint#

Create Referral0.000222 ETH
Mint Referral0.000222 ETH
First Minter0.000111 ETH
Zora0.000222 ETH

Mint Referral: The platform that referred a specific mint of an NFT
Create Referral: The platform that referred the creator to deploy the NFT collection First Minter: The first collector to mint an NFT, defaults to the NFT creator if a normal NFT

How It Works: Creator#

  1. Creator selects the "Free + Rewards" pricing option when creating their 721 or 1155 NFT
  2. Creator specifies a wallet address eligible to claim their rewards
  3. Creator opens up their edition for minting -- that's it!

The creator's total ETH generated from rewards is aggregated into an escrow contract and can be withdrawn at any time.

How It Works: Developer#

Create Referral Reward#

The create referral reward is paid out to the developer or platform that referred the creator to deploy their NFT collection using Zora's contracts.

Creating an ERC-1155 Token with Rewards#

The createReferral address is specified upon token creation.

function setupNewTokenWithCreateReferral(    string calldata newURI,    uint256 maxSupply,    address createReferral) public

Mint Referral Reward#

The mint referral reward is paid out to the party that referred the collector to mint an NFT.

ERC-1155 Minting with Rewards#

function mintWithRewards(    IMinter1155 minter,    uint256 tokenId,    uint256 quantity,    bytes calldata minterArguments,    address mintReferral)

Withdrawing Rewards#

Rewards must be withdrawn from the escrow contract, which the address can be found in the readme.

function withdraw(address to, uint256 amount) external;

Withdraw for another address directly.

function withdrawFor(address to, uint256 amount) external;
function withdrawWithSig(    address from,     address to    uint256 amount,     uint256 deadline,     uint8 v,     bytes32     r,     bytes32 s)