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Edition Metadata Renderer

Metadata rendering contract for NFTs with all the same media assets

This contract is in charge of managing and rendering the metadata for Zora editions. An edition is an NFT collection where all the NFTs share the same media asset (video, image, etc).

Whenever a tokenURI is called on the NFT contract, the call is forwarded to this contract to get metadata for a specific NFT.

View the source contract code here and the list of deployed contract addresses here.


Updates the media asset for the edition.

  • target: The contract address to update metadata for
  • imageURI: The new media uri
  • animationURI: The new animation uri

The imageURI is the resource for the main piece of media and animationURI is used for the thumbnail if a video.

function updateMediaURIs(
    address target,
    string memory imageURI,
    string memory animationURI


Updates the description for the edition.

  • target: The contract address to update the description for
  • newDescription: The new description
function updateDescription(address target, string memory newDescription)