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This contract is an extension registry for any address or contract owned by another address to reference a theming configuration file on-chain to update their minting profile.

This contract is statically deployed at: 0xABCDEFEd93200601e1dFe26D6644758801D732E8 on görli and mainnet. We will deploy on further chains as needed and we use an open CREATE2 bytecode-based deploy scheme where anyone can deploy this hyperstructure to any chain as desired.

Updating your configuration#

function setJSONExtension(address target, string memory uri) external;

Call this function to set the JSON extension for your own address or an owned target address. We lookup ownership first via AccessControl then the owner() function.

Reading your configuration#

function getJSONExtension(address target) external returns (string memory);

This function gets the latest registered JSON extension file.

Checking your admin status#

function getIsAdmin(address target, address expectedAdmin) external view returns (bool);

For front-ends checking for updates you can use the getIsAdmin function to determine if the ad.


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