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Build your own DAO#

Nouns builder allows anyone to easily deploy a DAO in minutes. Inspired by NounsDAO, Nouns builder uses a factory contract called the Manager to create custom Nouns-styled DAOs.

Important Links#

Code | Addresses | Interface | Testnet Interface | Deploy Guide | Artwork Toolkit


Why Nouns styled DAOs are interesting#

  • Distribution Mechanism: Creating an NFT at a consistent interval allows the community to form at a healthy rate rather than distributing governance via an airdrop.
  • Composable and Upgradable: All contracts are individually upgradable meaning the DAO is not a static thing, but rather something that is meant to evolve over time.
  • Perpetual Funding: The DAO creates sustainable funding by consistently issuing new NFTs over time.

Core Contracts#

Definitions for the key contracts that make up Builder.

  • Manager: In charge of deploying custom DAOs

DAO Components:

  • Token: ERC-721 NFT contract which has its minting controlled by the Auction contract
  • Metadata Renderer: On-chain metadata renderer for the NFTs
  • Auction: Mints new NFTs and auctions them off
  • Treasury: Stores DAO funds and executes transactions based on governance
  • Governance: Holds logic for creating and voting on proposals

Custom Settings#

The important settings that can be configured when first creating a DAO and later updated by Governance.

  • DAO Metadata: Name, Description, Image, [Website]
  • Auction Duration: How often a new NFT is created and put up for auction
  • Auction Reserve Price: Min bid required to start an auction
  • Proposal Threshold: Min BPS of total votes (NFTs) needed to put a proposal to a vote. For example, if the Proposal Threshold is set to 100 BPS and there are 500 total NFTs minted then 5 NFTs need to approve the proposal for it to be put to a vote.
  • Quorum Threshold: Min BPS of total For votes (NFTs) required for a proposal to pass
  • Veto Power: Optional choice for founders to be able to veto proposals
  • NFT Image Properties: Image components used for creating the NFTs
  • Founders and Allocations: Set multiple founders with different allocations

Note, veto power is encouraged due to the small number of votes (NFTs) at the beginning of a DAO. The veto can later before removed by the founders once the NFTs have become sufficiently decentralized.